Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas and Stuff

Wow ... Christmas came and went ... seems to be going faster by the year. It was great, though ... giving and receiving joy (and gifts), and spending valuable time wiht close family and friends. Just a quick recap of my "agenda."

* Christmas Eve - went to my parents house for our annual "pre-Christmas" dinner. Some of the highlights included bratwurst, opening presents, and of course doing shots (this year's selection was Berentzen Apfelkorn).

* Christmas Day - Had Schue's family over for Christmas dinner. The wife did a great job with the food, and everyone seemed to have a good time playing Nintendo Wii, as well as enjoying good old-fashioned Christmas cheer ... alcohol.

* December 27 - Holiday party at Babs' place - Great food, great drink, and great friends. What a way to bridge Christmas and New Years ... of course, with more beer and liquor (I see a trend!).

Still to come ...
* New Year's Eve party at my brother's house - This is always a great farewell to the previous year, as well as a great welcome to the new year, complete with Nintendo Wii tournaments, beer pong tournaments, and a rendtion of Bohemian Rhapsody.

I hope everyone had (and continues to have) a great holiday season!


snowelf said...

Christmas went crazy fast this year. I know I wasn't ready. Our Wii was a huge hit though! :)


sirgeb said...

Los- you did make 2008 predictions: they're here:

I'm glad you were wrong about the one regarding philly sports teams.

and- yes there will be das boot this coming new years eve. I'm still not quite sure how singing bohemian rhapsody became tradition, but that's on slate for shortly after the new year starts.

El Padrino said...

sounds solid