Monday, December 29, 2008

Fast Food Corner

This week, I tackle another food that is dear to my heart ... the chicken sandwich.

5. Arby's fried chicken sandwich - Not a bad sandwich to grab in a pinch ... works very well with some banana pepper rings.
4. Chick Fil-A grilled chicken sandwich - If I have to eat relatively healthy, I'll go with this one. It comes complete with a fresh leaf of lettuce, slice of tomato, and a whole-wheat bun ... of course, I have to balance the healthy with some waffle fries.
3. Wendy's Spicy chicken sandwich - This sandwich is by no means outrageously spicy, but provides just enough "action" to make it interesting.
2. Chick Fil-A chicken sandwich - It is pathetically simple, with really only a slice of pickle as a topping, but it works. McDonalds tried to copy it, but was unable to do so.
1. The Burger King Original chicken sandwich is my favorite chicken sandwich by far ... no, there is nothing outrageously different about this fried piece of heaven. Just the right amount of mayo, lettuce, and spices (not sure what those spices are, but it does have a bit of a kick).


sirgeb said...

The fact that you left off the KFC Snacker is an injustice to chicken sandwich lovers everywhere. And how can you leave off the BK Broiler?

Replace the Wendy's and Arby's "selections" you made with my two, and then you've got yourself a list.

La Pixie said...

um, you forgot Jack's Spicy Crispy Chicken sandwich!! I agree that BKs original chicken sandwich is #1, and Wednys is #3, but Jacks is totally #2!

Jeff said...

#1 Chicken Sandwich was when Romo got hit by Dawkins and Clemmons yesterday.

Lisa said...

BAHAHAAAAA! What Jeff said!!!

(and i agree about the BK seasonings) ...babspeapod

Lisa said...
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Heff said...

I have to lean toward sirgeb on this one. The KFC Snacker does kick some ass.

Mama Kat said...

Ooh I'm with you on this one. The burger king chicken with cheese please (and plenty of ketchup).

-B- said...

I also like the Burger King Tendercrisp chicken sandwich. Nice blend of spices again.

With the KFC snacker - It's tasty, but you don't know if you're going to get the right bread-to-meat ratio! I grabbed one and it was the puniest piece of chicken ever! Bread-%65, Chicken-%35. That's a rotten b2m ratio!!