Friday, December 19, 2008

Rock Song of the Week

I've decided to add another "weekly blogging topic." Just like a "Fast Food Corner" weekly blog makes sense for me, blogging about music also makes sense (at least, to me). Maybe it'll help you find a song or a musical group you may want to follow ... maybe you'll find it totally worthless ... oh, and if you want to offer me suggestions (please, no country music and no Nickleback), I welcome it! So, without further adieu:

Song of the week:
The Virgins - Rich Girls

I can't get this song out of my head - I've had this song for about 4 months now, and it never leaves my most frequently played list. Rich Girls has a catchy disco sound to it, with a pronounced and addictive baseline. The lead singer's voice growls, sounding almost half-drunk ... but somehow, it works.

Here's some more information on the group from their Atlantic Records website:
The Virgins exemplify the sound and style of downtown New York City in 2008. The band came together in 2006, the brainchild of songwriter/performer Donald Cumming. Having lived on NYC’s streets since the age of 16, Cumming’s teen years were chronicled by artist/photographer Ryan McGinley in his now-legendary debut solo show at the Whitney Museum of American Art.

With Cumming joined by bassist Nick Zarin-Ackerman, guitarist Wade Oates, and drummer Erik Ratensperger, The Virgins began playing at downtown parties at such spots as St. Marks Church and 205. For their third show ever, the Virgins took Paris by storm, performing at designer agn├Ęs b’s fashion week party alongside Patti Smith and Sonic Youth. The band’s connection to New York’s art scene is no more apparent than in their own album art, which features design and photography from Dan Colen and Terry Richardson.

And, here's a couple of websites in case you're interested:


Anonymous said...

I'm with you on the no country music. At least I know your weekly feature is safe territory.

Anonymous said...

I like it! the post and the song and the idea!

I listen to a ton of different music... so I could suggest some... but I don't know which bend your tastes lean towards... probably rock?

Los said...

Blue Violet - I'm pretty much not a country music guy, or a gangsta rap guy ... I'm also not crazy about emo.

Alaina - Give me some suggestions! I'd love to test new waters.

Jeff said...

They're rich girls
And they've gone too far
'Cause they know it don't matter anyway
(Rich girls)
They can rely on their old man's money
They can rely on their old man's money