Thursday, December 18, 2008

Fast Food Corner

I consider myself a fast-food "connoisseur." I've probably tried just about every kind of fast food around (at least around Philly), so it's only natural that I eventually dedicate some blog postings to my "expert" opinions on everything fast food.

I decided to tackle a biggie for my first - the battle of the best french fry. Let me step back for a second and pre-qualify my "type" of french fry ... really, there's only one - I prefer shoestring fries over steak fries overwhelmingly ... you see, steak fries have to much actual "potato" taste ... I prefer the crunchy/fried taste of shoestring fries. With that said - here is my top 5 list of my favorite fast-food fries:

5. Burger King - These fries are not good at all ... my least favorite next to KFC's big-assed steak fries.
4. Wendy's - A little to big for my liking, and usually not cooked enough ... but still, not too shabby.
3. Arby's curly fries - Slightly overcooked usually, but that's a plus in my book, as I love crispy fries ... plus, they have a slightly spicy flavor to them.
2. Chick Fil-A - Considering my preference of shoe-string fries, this is a bit of a surprise. My guess is the surface area of these waffle fries, and their amazing ability to soak up large amounts of ketchup.
1. McDonalds - Ultimately, the perfect french fry. I think Ronald probably laces his fries with some kind of addictive drug that makes people come back for more ... either that, or McDonalds has some kind of contract with God on these "heavenly" fries ... I can't figure out any other way nobody else has copied these.


Heff said...

* FIRST ! *

EVERYONE thinks "Mickey D's" has the BEST fries, and that's probably true. Personally, I REALLY dig their Chicken Nuggets, but everything else on their menu sucks Baullz !

Tune in Friday for Heff's FINAL post of 2008 !

Jeff said...

Soft/soggy fries are like replacing Mr. T with Urkel.

Anonymous said...

My hubby would say you're on to something here. McDonald's are the best to him. I actually like BK fries. Sorry.

Crassius Maximus said...

McDonald's fries are the best...if you get a good batch. When they suck, they are inedible. It's a 50-50 proposition.

El Padrino said...

mikcey d's hands down

good call