Saturday, February 21, 2009

Ahhh ... memories

Mama Kat's recent post about playing basketball as a child reminded me of my own trials and tribulations in my early years of sports. I figured I'd share some of these with you.

The first "team" sport I played for the local youth club (at the time, it was called boy's club), was tee ball. I remember it well - my team was sponsored by Reeser's Auto Body - a local establishment. The team color was yellow, and our team started off absolutely terrible. I remember our first game - it was a 12-6 loss, and probably could've been worse. I could barely hit the ball past the pitcher's mound. And, worst of all, I remember being so upset when we lost, that I cried. You see, my parents really never introduced me to losing - in the back yard practicing with my dad, I thought I was the next coming of Babe Ruth. This, unfortunately, didn't translate to the tee ball field.

In the fall, I played soccer. Again, I was fantastic in the back yard - scoring goals against my dad like I was Pele. Again, this didn't transfer to the pitch - I couldn't crack the starting lineup - mainly because I was more concerned about stepping on bees. Our team didn't win a single game that year.

In the winter time, I played intramural basketball - I was the only kid on the team that didn't score a single point. I was so close that last game - I had a layup that went off the rim, and I had a wide-open shot that hit the backboard and then the rim before falling to the ground.

No, it didn't seem like I would excel at sports at all. Thankfully, as time went on, I got better, and became semi-decent in most games.


The Rev said...

I remember tee ball... my team was sponsored by Zachary Plumbing. And we kicked your ass!

Mama Kat said...

Tee ball is for lesbians.

I never did get into that one...I failed miserable at anything that had to do with a bat. So mostly just baseball and softball and tee ball.

It's so true though, we never know we're not good at something until we stacked up with people who really can play. Humbling.