Monday, February 23, 2009

Beatles - Stones comparisons

You've probably heard some comparisons of musical groups to the Stones and Beatles. For instance, how about this one - "Nirvana is the Beatles to Pearl Jam's Stones." Basically, it defines musical groups who were the biggest (and most influential) in their eras. For instance, you could probably draw the reference that "The Killers are the Beatles to The Bravery's Stones." Usually, the "bigger" or more popular band gets the "Beatles" reference, while arguably the more talented band (my opinion, of course) gets the "Stones" comparison.

I'm wondering if we could do these comparisons with other areas. I came up with a few, just to test this:

* Ketchup is the Beatles to Mustard's Stones.
* Emeril is the Beatles to Rachel Ray's Stones.
* Hulk Hogan is the Beatles to Ric Flair's Stones.
* Hamburgers are the Beatles to Hot Dogs Stones.
* The Three Stooges are the Beatles to The Marx Brothers Stones.
* The Cubs are the Beatles to the White Sox Stones.
* The Yankees are the Beatles to the Red Sox Stones.
* Howard Stern is the Beatles to Man Cow's Stones.
* Judas Priest are the Beatles to Iron Maiden's Stones.
* The Big Mac is the Beatles to the Whopper's Stones.

You guys and gals have any comparisons like this?


Jeff said...

I can't read the phrase "Rachael Ray's Stones" without laughing.

Sandi said...

I have nothing to add, but that was pretty hilarious!

Heff said...

Hey, let's leave "Ric Flair's Stones" out of this, lol !!

Reverse said...

* LOS is Plethora to Reverse's Office Clowning.

Lisa said...

The whole Atari vs Intellivision thing comes to mind. My parents insisted Intellivision was better, so no Atari for Babs!!