Monday, February 09, 2009

Fast Food Corner

We're getting close to St. Patrick's Day, which means we'll be overloaded with McDonalds commercials promoting the Shamrock Shake ... I'll be honest, I've probably never had a Shamrock Shake before ... which means I'm probably breaking some sort of moral ethics code or something.

Since I've never had the Shamrock Shake, let me go into other McDonalds shakes ... I personally love the Vanilla shake ... but one thing I can't stand is how unbelievably thick the shake is ... almost impossible to suck out with a straw without damaging one's brain. Still, this helps to lengthen the experience, which I'm very much in favor of. You see, if this was easier to eat/drink with a straw, I'd be done it in 30 seconds, and probably have a massive brain-freeze experience.

Wendy's now has some sort of signature shakes ... I'm thinking about giving those a try. Has anybody had these?


El Padrino said...


yeah of course

The Rev said...

I have had several Shamrock Shakes in my time. I enjoy them.

I have not had Wendy's shakes, but if they are similar to the Frosty, they won't be half bad.

Chick-Fil-A, now they make some seriously awesome shakes. I mean really, they are exqiusite.

BTW... from a previous posting, I am prous to say that I have had a Yumbo from Burger King back in the day. And it was everything you think it is, which is why it didn't last long.

Ham and cheese at a fast food joint... just what I had in mind.

Heff said...

Have you ever let a McDonald's shake thaw to room temperature, and THEN drank it ? DISGUSTING !!!

Jeff said...

A couple weeks ago, I got a shake at Nifty Fifty's that tasted metallic. Actually, more metallic than the intended flavor. Ugh.

Kaylen said...

I just had a shake from Jack in the Box (which I've never ordered food from before). It was thick and yummy and didn't hurt my brain to drink, but still was thick enough to last a long time.

punxxi said...

microwave it for 8 seconds!