Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Weekly Assignment

Mama Kat's weekly assignment is here! This week, I chose the following prompt: What was the first CD (or record or cassette) you ever purchased? Write about the way that particular album made you feel then. Write about how it makes you feel now?

I grew up in a time when albums were still the most popular music "medium" around. Cassettes were out, and they were just supplanting the 8-track as the second-most popular music "medium." My parents had bought me quite a few albums, but the first one I really remember is a Sesame Street album. Sadly, I don't remember the title anymore, but I do remember the album art consisted of all of the Sesame Street humans (you know, Luis, Mr. Hooper, Linda, Maria, Gordon, Bob) in the playground area of the street. I listened to this album (along with other Sesame Street albums) a lot ... until I got my first cassette player ... I think I was around 5.

I remember going to the Mac Dade Mall with my mom all the time, and asking her to go to Radio Shack. I REALLY wanted a cassette player, but my mom was convinced that I was too young to have one. I took her to the store to show her that I indeed knew how to use this player ... I knew the play button, stop button, eject button ... heck, even rewind and fast forward. I guess after a bunch of times, my mom finally believed me and agreed to purchase said cassette player. She even got me "The Muppet Show" on cassette. I swore that this was the funniest cassette ever. I couldn't get enough of it, and practically knew every bit on the tape by heart (along with the Chipmunks Christmas tape ... which I played even when it wasn't Christmas).

I guess these early experiences played a large part to my love of music ... sometimes, I think about those cassettes and records, and wish I could have them again ... just to listen to one more time.


Heff said...

First album (vinyl of course) was KISS - Dressed To Kill (1975) I still have the album, and play it on occasions.

snowelf said...

Mine was Madonna--the one with Like a Virgin on it. I was in the fifth grade and I dressed in tons of layers of clothes and jelly bracelets and giant hairbows and I played it and played it and played it for hours. I have NO idea what happened to it.


Lisa said...

I had a Sesame Street album too -- a double album and my favorite song on it was "Happiness." After that, my next 2 albums were Three Dog Night (the one with "Joy to the World") and a compilation called "Stars." My favorite song on that was 10CC's "The Things We Do For Love."

Wow, what a walk down memory lane. ... babspeapod

Superstar said...

AHHHH and who was your fav on the show???
I just LOVED Oscar the grouch. I am going to guess that you were a "Bert and Ernie" guy???

OHHHH I think I have an idea for a blog post!
~kicks up heels~
gotta go!

Sandi said...

I think Donny and Marie was my first.

I can't believe I just admitted that.

El Padrino said...

no clue what my first cassette tape was, my dad was a pink floyd fan so i know he had some vinyls of that ithink i broke one once and he whupped my ass

i thought it was a frisbee

Reverse said...

Mine was probaly "Use Your Illusion I ~ Guns N' Roses" or "Pump by Aerosmith"

Ink and Stone said...

I don't remember the first album I ever bought... but I do remember the first cassette that was given to me - The Ghostbusters Soundtrack. I remember it since Ray Parker Jr. did the title track and I liked that song.

Too bad they didn't use Slayer's 'Haunting the Chapel' on it. ;-P

Mama Kat said...

I think one of my first store bought cassettes was TLC Ain't 2 Proud To Beg.

And I'm not. I beg all the time. For sex. Which is what I believe that song is about. Perfectly natural for an 8th grader to be jammin to.