Thursday, February 05, 2009

Game Night

My brother and his wife invited us over for game night this past Saturday. Usually, we skip game night, because we either have other plans or we make other plans - game night sometimes doesn't sound that fun. Saturday night will make us reconsider that thought. We had an absolute blast sitting around the table, playing a variety of board and card games, and just conversing, joking, and making fun of each other.

The first game we played was Turbo Uno ... for the most part, this game is the same as Uno, but there is some sort of "mechanical" card dealer that you must hit when you need to take a card ... the twist is that this dealer can give you anywhere from 0 cards to 8 cards (I think). It adds a fun, and sometimes frustrating twist to an already fun game. One game took us about an hour to play ... so, we only played one game.

The second game we played was Apples to Apples ... I've heard a ton about this game, but never actually played it. I now know why so many people love this game. Basically, each person gets 7 red cards - these cards are nouns. A green card is drawn, and it's an adjective. Each person has to use one of his/her cards that "works the best" with the green card. One person chooses the best match. The first person with 5 green cards wins. We played a few rounds of this, and laughed the entire time.

We finished the night playing some good old fashioned drinking games - games like Circle of Death, and Up the River, Down the River. In my opinion, this is a perfect way to end a game night.

Next time, we'll probably try some games like Quip It, or maybe Cranium, or Balderdash ... I just love those games.


Anonymous said...

I love game nights. Apples to Apples is the bomb! Have you ever played Pandemic? THAT is an amazing game.

Lisa said...

I LOVE game night!!! One of my all time favorite game night moments was when Schue did her impersonation of "The Berlin Wall!" bahaaaaa!!! ... babspeapod

-B- said...

We just picked up Turbo Uno, haven't tried it yet though.
We like Catch Phrase and Pictionary Man (fun with the kids).

My daughter was talking about Apples to Apples - we'll start out with the Junior version.

Hey Los - my wife says for you to get Wii fit and you can do drunken hula-hooping!! lol

schue said...

Game night was fun,especially Andy's rule that was to empahatically and theatrically impersonate Michael Jackson everytime you had to drink, there were alot of Woo Hoo's, however I did a silent one, lifting an air baby over an air balcony.

El Padrino said...

Taboo is solid

Heff said...

I usually just START drinking, and the card games become rather unimportant.

Anonymous said...

I have played Apples to Apples and it is tons of fun!

Superstar said...

We played Uno at Christmas...we played for 4 hours! I swear it was the marathon game! LOL

I love board games w/ lots of people....add some booze and you double the fun!!

The Preacherman said...

strip poker + lots of alcohol.

Now that is a games night!