Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Baltimore Blast

The title of this post is actually the former team name of an MISL (indoor soccer) team in Baltimore ... but the title seems fitting. Slant and I visited our college roommate Mung in Baltimore this past Saturday. Slant usually gets very excited by these trips, because he enjoys the constant banter between Mung and me ... we usually have some sort of arguments regarding music or women, and these arguments become louder and less coherent as the night goes on.

Even though this weekend was no exception, deep down, Mung and I really enjoy each other's presence (in small doses). Mung drove us down to the Harbor, and we ended up touring many old haunts (eating something in just about every one of these places), admiring the changes done to the city's infrastructure, and reminiscing about funny stories from our past.

We basically closed down the bars ... something I don't do very often anymore, and on the cab ride home, Mung threw beer on me (for old-time sake, I guess). Thanks for the great time, guys.


Jeff said...

"Baltimore Blast" sounds like the aftermath of a trip to Nacho Mama's.

sirgeb said...

"Baltimore Blast" sounds like something along the lines of "Pittsburgh Platter" or "Cincinnati Bowtie."

Ink and Stone said...


El Padrino said...

b more is suite, inner harbor