Monday, February 16, 2009

Fast Food Corner - KFC Popcorn Chicken Review.

If you love fried batter with just a touch of chicken, then KFC Popcorn Chicken is a perfect match for you. I am that person. I love popcorn chicken. In fact, I'd probably be ok if KFC did away with the chicken, and just served fried batter balls (FBBs).

The colonel certainly caught lightning in a bottle when he came up with his secret recipe for fried chicken. And whoever came up with the popcorn chicken idea probably should win the Nobel prize, a pulitzer, probably a grammy, and just about any other award out there.

Sadly, I'm pretty sure this fried batter (probably inspired by angels in heaven) is not very good for you. If someone could come up with a way to make it good for you, that person would probably be deified.


Heff said...

I know it's not "popcorn" chicken, but I'd STILL have to go with McDonald's "McNuggets". They are the ONLY thing at McDonalds I like.

As far as KFC, the Honey/BBQ wings are my weakness.

schue said...

you should post the nutritional "value" when you post these, i guess im a party pooper.

-B- said...

Not a fan of the popcorn chicken - you can have mine, buddy!
What if they figured out a way to work bacon into the popcorn bites -then I'm onboard with you Los!!!