Sunday, February 15, 2009

This and That ...

Here comes another round of random thoughts that I have creeping and crawling in my head:

* Where did Mr. Rogers go at the end of every show? He would just change his shoes and sweater, and leave. I mean, seriously, wasn't that his house? He would show up, hang out for an hour, and then leave ... like we were his bitch or something like that.

* Who is faster, Speedy Gonzalez or the Road Runner?

* Brett Favre probably wishes he would've just retired before last season ... The Jets probably wish the same thing.

* A-Rod did steroids? I wouldn't be more surprised if I woke up with my face stapled to the carpet. At this point, I get the feeling everybody was (is) doing steroids in baseball.

* I really, really hate the new Amtrak radio ad ... the "choo-choo" one. It annoys me about as much as that new Geico commercial.

* Thank goodness that baseball season is here again ... go Phils!


Superstar said...

i actually like that stupid talking Gecko! Strange really. Normally talking animals creep me out...

A-Rod! What a putz!

Ink and Stone said...

Speedy Gonzales could blow the Road Runner away. And Speedy has a funny cousin, Slowpoke.

Is anyone surprised that ANY of these athletes are using steroids?
Seriously, this is old news now. Maybe they should require all athletes to take low dosages of steroids to 'level the field' so to speak.

I think I hate the Amtrak and Geico commercials as much as you, Los. The Amtrak 'choo-choo' commercial is just lame, and the Geico 'money w/ eyes' commercials are stupider than stupid.

-B- said...

What happens to me when I see the Geico money with the eyes commercial - it is so dumb that I almost get angry!! Angry thinking that I could come up with a much better marketing gimmick and get paid for it!! Maybe this is what they want?? - we all remember it, but it almost makes me want to switch to Allstate!!! LOL.