Saturday, October 17, 2009

80's Corner

Does anybody remember Rough Riders 4X4? I can still hear the commercials in my head. Rough Riders were little battery operated cars/trucks with giant rubbery wheels. The commercials implied that these bad-ass trucks could drive through anything - mud, water, sand ... and they would climb over rocks and sticks and shrubbery.

My cousin and I ate this all up - we bought quite a few of said trucks ... and we played with them in the creek (backyard of my house), in the sand box, and elsewhere. We constructed all kinds of crazy challenging mazes for these Rough Riders to drive through.

Sadly, most of the time, the Rough Riders would fail in these courses. Plus, they ate batteries like I eat potato chips. Also, once sand, mud, or water got on the inside of these trucks, they became worthless. But still, they looked cool!


Four Dinners said...

I've no idea what Magnum had to do with it. Never heard of the trucks but I did like Magnum. Used to watch it with my Gran who had the hots for him.

Possibly too much information....;-)

Steph said...

I never heard of them but they do look pretty bad, as in awesome.