Thursday, October 01, 2009

Weird Thought

My wife and I were having a conversation a few weeks ago regarding Hitler's mustache, and the fact that this will never come in style again because of the atrocities that Hitler committed. For some reason (beer), we started wondering "what if."

For instance, what if Hitler had mutton-chops? Would mutton-chops not be cool (not saying that they're cool now, but you know). What about a goatee? Or a soul patch?

Then, we came up with a different idea ... it's a shame Hitler didn't have a mullet ... jerk.


Ink and Stone said...

Heh - mullet hitler.

snowelf said...

hehehe---I'm with Ink. That's funny!

(my grandma had an outhouse too and I was terrified of it! They didn't ever use it anymore but I wouldn't even go inside of it. I never would have survived the pioneer days...)

Heff said...

Ha ! I was just thinking of the mullet, and there is was in the last sentence.

"You can't keep a good mullet down", lol !

Jeff said...

What would happen if Hitler and Che Guevara both had that stupid mustache, or both had a mullet?

El Padrino said...

guy i work with has a nazi stache

no lie.

schue said...

when a kid has a mullet, it's called a chullet.....child mullet.
who wants a fish on their head?

Sandi said...

That's great!