Friday, October 23, 2009

Wacky News Stories

Winter seems to be coming early to the north-east ... seems we've skipped autumn altogether!

1. On a bus driver who was suspended for wearing a pink tie for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
"Good thing he wasn't showing his support for equal rights."

2. On a 30-year-old woman being arrested for misdemeanor child neglect Thursday night after police found her 9-year-old daughter sleeping in a vehicle while she was inside a bar drinking:
"But, officer, I asked her if she wanted a drink, and she said no!"

3. On a flight being diverted and grounded after somebody stole beer on the flight:
"Thank god it wasn't the coffee!"

4. On an 83-year-old Texas man allegedly opening fire on his son for refusing to stop drumming:
"Why am I not surprised that this happened in the country of Texas?",0,2360964.story?track=rss

5. On a Halloween costume being sold at featuring the mask of an alien with a green card and an orange jumpsuit with "illegal alien" written across the front.
"Um ... this may be the greatest ... costume ... evah!"


Steph said...

The last one is awesome. There are so many illegal aliens around here it is ridiculous.

And the pink tie guy, that happened about an hour away from me.

Four Dinners said...


As for illegal town is stuffed to the gills with em. You got any spare space out there?

Jeff said...

Actually, we skipped summer.

3. I'll have what the pilot's having.

5. Guessing it doesn't sell near Huntington Park.