Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Song of the Week

Just the other day, I made a CD "mix tape." I made a few copies - for my wife, and my close friends. I enjoy sharing new music that I've "discovered" with said friends - I feel like sometimes I can be a music "pioneer" in that way ... if that makes any sense. And, quite a few of the songs on this disc are from my Songs of the Week blog "column."

I had about 12 songs that I liked, and needed to find about 6 or 7 more to fill out the cd. I chose to look on I-Tunes - sometimes I get good suggestions from the service. I-Tunes suggested that I may like a group by the name of "The Black Kids." Yes - an interesting name for a band, considering only the lead singer is black, and they sing alt-rock. Now, I've heard some songs from them on my Slacker, but didn't really pay much attention to them ... until now.

The song I chose to put on my mix cd is titled, "I'm not gonna teach your boyfriend how to dance with you," a long song title for sure, but an intriguing one nevertheless. The song starts with a rough-electric guitar riff, followed by Killers inspired synth, and drum beat not all that dissimilar from "Sympathy for the Devil."

Many choruses accentuate this diddy, and I could totally see this type of song being highly requested at bars (the choruses serve as great sing-along material). The lyrics will probably hit home with some - basically, the lead singer doesn't want to show his friend how to dance with the friend's girlfriend, because he's in love with her ... sounds like a premise for about a dozen movies.

Wikipedia provides a background of the band - I was shocked to find that this band actually comes from the United States. The singer sounds quite a bit like the lead singer of the Cure. Sadly, the band is very popular in the UK, but not in the US market, where bands like Linkoln Park and Papa Roach still clog the airwaves.

Unfortunately, I can't embed the video, but, click here to see it!


Four Dinners said...

Yeah they are known over here. But then again the Brits always had better taste in music eh?...;-)

Lisa said...

you said "diddy" hahahahahaa