Sunday, October 25, 2009

80's Corner

There seemed to be no bigger story in tv entertainment news than the "Who Shot J.R." episode of Dallas. I wasn't even a fan of Dallas, and I remember watching it. Larry Hagman was the actor who played J.R. ... heck, he even parlayed that role into BVD underwear commercials ... sure, it was a bit disturbing, but still.

Being a Philadelphia, I probably never should've watched the show Dallas ... and for the most part, I didn't. But, the show itself was a night-time soap opera, much like Dynasty at the time, and probably not all that different to Melrose Place and Beverly Hills 90210 (although, I think those soap operas were targeted to a younger generation).

I can't truly remember, but I think this show was on Friday night, along with shows like Love Boat and Fantasy Island ... truly a TGIF (if that was in fact the case).

Luckily, this BVD commercial didn't show Hagman in his skivvies.


Four Dinners said...

no wonder he got shot!

Biddie said...

Yup, it was on Friday nights. I got hooked on it when I babysat for friends of the family that didn't have cable and it was all I could get with the rabbit ears.
Come to think of it, I probably shouldn't have been watching it when I was 12 and 13...
Friday nights were the best way back then, now there is nothing worth watching on the weekends.

Sandi said...

I didn't watch this show either, but somehow got sucked into the "Who Shot JR" vortex.

Lisa said...

i remember my parents "Friday Night Mixed Couples" bowling team coming over to our house every Friday night after bowling to eat, drink, and yes ... watch "Who Shot JR." All of us kids would be busy playing in the basement, but I think we did sneak upstairs to find out who dunnit.