Monday, May 24, 2010

80's Corner

Christie Brinkley ... my god did I have a crush on her! She has to be the definitive girl of the 1980's, kind of like Cheryl Tiegs was the definitive girl of the 70's, right? Christie was the darling of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issues (and probably the cause of many a wet dream across the country). Don't quote me on this, but I believe that Christie Brinkley and Samantha Foxx were the only two posters on most adolescents' and college students' walls.

Inexplicably, she married Rock troll Billy Joel, and appeared in a number of his videos, most notably "Uptown Girl." I think this may have been the time her career began to nose-dive. The thought in my head was, "How could Billy Joel get so lucky? Maybe there's something wrong with her." And, I think I was right.


Heff said...

My guess is "she never put out', lol !

Realliveman said...

Heff: let's hope she doesn't put out now. Kinda old, huh? HA

I love this 80 Corner. Despite the bad press, the 80's were the best time in hisory!

El Padrino said...