Sunday, May 09, 2010

Song of the Week

Stellastar is a band out of New York City, and although they formed in 2000, and have released three albums to date, they haven't made much of a splash in the U.S. maintstream music world (maybe that's a good thing, actually).

Their latest album, called Civilized, is pretty listenable all the way through. But one song I particularly like is a song called "The People." Starts off in an almost folksy sound, but once the chorus approaches, the sound picks up. A rolling base line is noticeable throughout the song. Guitars are practically unnoticeable until the main chorus sections, when they build and then take over the song.

Enjoyable tune ... one I'd recommend playing whilst driving with the sun-roof open.


Realliveman said...

Hey Los. I use Acid Pro, Protools and Abobe Aduition in my studio at home. Myna is good for the beginner because it introduced the user to the basic operation and use of the liner-based timeline.

The one drawback to Myna is that clips don't completely snap to the grid so you have to line every clip up by sight and sound. Sometimes there is a milisecond break between clips. Most people would never notice it, but people like you and I it sounds like fingernails in a chalkboard when the clips don't line up properly.

Realliveman said...

BTW, Great Song of the Week!!