Sunday, May 23, 2010

Fast Food Corner

There was a time when Little Casear's flourished in Delaware County ... we were drowned with those "Pizza, Pizza" commercials with the guy with the big nose and toga. Inexpensive pizza was the name of the game ... and quite honestly, I remember it tasting pretty good for the price. But for one reason or other, most (if not all) Little Caesars pizza shops disappeared from the area, along with those funny yet annoying commercials ... until recently.

A Little Caesar's opened up in Sharon Hill, and as part of our family's Fast Food Friday, we felt we owed it to them to purchase pizza from them. We ended up getting four medium/large pizzas and two big orders of bread sticks ... it all came out to about $28, which I think is a bargain. And folks, the pizza remains good to this day. Not only that, but the bread sticks were quite delicious too ... for the price, this stuff beats out Pizza Hut and Dominos (but it won't be able to beat out the mom and pop stores).

Ah, here's an old commercial that I remember well:


Heff said...

We still have ONE Little Caesars. I haven't eaten it since the mid-eighties, but I remember liking it,.

paige said...

We had it where I used to live in the states and I thought it was pretty great. They had the $5 pizza that you could just walk in and get right then, no waiting. You could only get cheese or peperoni, but still - instant $5 pizza? Yes, please.