Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wacky News Stories

Yep ... still Flyered up!!!

1. On a Mosque that is planning to open near Ground Zero ... On September 11, 2011:
"This might be an excellent reason why the reputation of Muslims is dwindling ..."

2. On a study finding that men developed thicker foreheads and jaws due to fighting over women:
"But, was it all worth it?"

3. On an Amish girl who became an adult model:
I guess she probably had to shave her beard for this, right?"

4. On BP announcing that the "top hat" will be in place in the Gulf next week:
"I had no idea this oil spill was a black tie affair ..."

5. On the Soviet Union apparently being on the brink of launching a nuclear attack against China in 1969 and only backed down after the US told Moscow such a move would start World War Three, according to a Chinese historian:
"Well, all I can say is, thank goodness G.W. wasn't in the White House back then ..."


Heff said...

I saw that Amish girl. Her beard was in the right place.

Steph said...

I heard about putting a Mosque at Ground Zero. That can't really happen can it? I hope not at least.

Jeff said...

1. Nature abhors a vacuum, and NYC hasn't touched the World Trade Center hole in 8+ yrs.

2. Translated: men are thicker than women.

3. Why not? If the Amish can run a drug ring with the Warlocks ...

4. Not a sombrero?

5. Red-on-Red crime?