Sunday, May 30, 2010

Fast Food Corner

This past Friday, I wanted to give the new Subway breakfast a try ... for research purposes, of course. I got up reasonably early, let's say around 6:30 AM (had a bunch of stuff to do), and traveled to the local Subway at around 7:00, figuring that Subway would HAVE to be open at this time of day if they are serving breakfast ... NOPE! Subway apparently doesn't open until 7:30 AM for breakfast ... which wouldn't be a big deal on weekends ... but on weekdays?!?!? When people have to go to work?!?!?!? Really? Who made this decision?

As you can tell, I was very upset by this. It was my plan to have a report for my Fast Food Corner, and now all I have is a post complaining about Subway's ridiculous hours. I apologize to my readers (both of you!). But seriously, isn't this a stupid time to open for breakfast?

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Heff said...

Ha ! They probably wake up as late as I do.