Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dope or Nope

Remember when the Segue was invented? The hype was amazing - this "vehicle" didn't run on anything except gyroscope technology - you leaned forward, and the thing would move forward. You lean to the side, and it would turn ... at least I think that's what it does ... I've never driven one.

The thought was that this would take over the world as an efficient transportation "vehicle." I remember discussions taking place on news shows stating that cities like Atlanta were well equipped for the Segue, but cities like New York didn't have the proper infrastructure.

I haven't really heard or seen much of the segue in recent years ... with the exception of the movie "Paul Blart, the Mall Cop." Personally, I think they are kind of ok ... but they don't move very fast ... I could run faster than they move (I think) ... so, the point is, is this device even necessary?

What are your thoughts on the Segue? Dope or Nope?


sirgeb said...

I'd like to do a Segway tour of somewhere at some point. That's about it.

Steph said...

Nope. Lame.

Heff said...

People look ridiculous on them, and yet I think it would be cool to have one.

Jeff said...

South Park nailed the Segway a few years ago.