Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Weekly Homework Assignment

It's time once again for Mama Kat's Weekly Homework Assignment! This week I choose the following prompt: 10 Things my mother taught me. In no particular order (and I'm not saying all the things she taught me was good, either) ...

10. Rollercoasters will make me sick ... now, they never really did, but to this day, I don't like rollercoasters ... sigh.

9. Liverwurst on toast with a pickle tastes good.

8. One can apparently purchase clothes in a supermarket.

7. Burgers should be cooked until they are devoid of any color (again, I'm not saying I agree with any of these).

6. Hot dogs on rye bread is a good alternative to hot dogs on a roll.

5. Curfew in high school should be 11:00 PM ... even if all of your friends laugh at you.

4. It's ok to give coffee to a kindergartner.

3. Bribing a young kid with a candybar is an acceptable way to get him to go to Sunday School every week.

2. The 444 Scoot is a good bike for someone in middle-school.

1. German polka was created by angels.


maeljin said...

Coffee IS good for kindergartners!

Mama Kat said...

Ahhhh...what a wise woman. I do hope you take the time to impress these lessons upon your sweet babe.