Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Weekly Homework Assignment

It's time once again for Mama Kat's Weekly Homework Assignment! This week, I chose the following prompt: Write about an experience you had with a celebrity.

When I worked with the Philadelphia Eagles, I met a lot of celebrities ... I became numb to them ... but one particular Monday night, against the Dallas Cowboys, I met a whole boatload of them ... You see, this was one of the marquee matchups of the season, and everyone wanted to be there. The Vet was sold out, so, lots of these celebs that called in last second had to sit with the PR guys in the press boxes.

That night, I met Joel Otto, John LeClair, and Chris Therien from the Flyers ... pretty cool (since I'm a huge Flyers fan). I then met Michael and Mario Andretti - not big into auto racing, but these guys are legends. I met a few other semi-stars ... ones I can't remember now ... But ...

I sat next to Boyz to Men for the entire football game ... I'm not a huge fan of their music, but they were pretty cool, and chatted with me ... gave me more of a respect for them.

Just a cool night altogether ... even if the Eagles lost.

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El Padrino said...

"Just a cool night altogether ... even if the Eagles lost."

which is often