Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fast Food Corner

Did we ever think we'd see the day when another fast food company would have more restaurants than McDonalds? I never thought this would happen, but surprise, surprise! Apparently, Subway is ahead of Micky D's ... and I'm kind of shocked.

I mean, Subway is good, but is it really THAT good? Maybe it's the "healthy" marketing that has moved Subway forward (Thanks, Jared) ... although, there are plenty of sandwiches that Subway sells which aren't really that healthy.

I live in the Philly area, and there are PLENTY of hoagie stores that do a much better job with hoagies than Subway ... however, most of these hoagies aren't all that healthy... but still .... Subway restaurants don't really do well in the Philly area (except when they are in a Walmart).

Here's the article, in case you want to read it.


Rhapsody B. said...

Everything has its time it like pop music. Soon there will be another to top Subway, its just a matter of "time."

Have a grand day....

Heff said...

Heff digs Subway, except for their processed meat sandwich, the "Chicken Cordon Blow".