Friday, March 04, 2011

Wacky News Stories

The big windstorm last weekend was kind enough to take off some of my siding ... now I know where my tax money will go ...

1. On Britain advising people to help prevent cancer by cutting down on steaks, hamburgers, sausages and other red meat:
"Sponsored by Chick Fil-A and Gortons!"

2. On a woman beating a £110 ($180) fine in a 30-hour standoff with a parking inspector:
"Wow - the revolutions in Egypt, and Lybia ... now revolutions against parking inspectors? Here's to hoping this revolution hits Philadelphia!"

3. On Canada’s “Pub Guy” Bill Perrie having a dream job that allows him to travel around the country in search of bars to drink his favourite brew - he just hit his 2,500 bar visit:
"Man, I wish my high school guidance counselor came up with ideas like this for me!"

4. On 14-month-old girl spending hours trapped inside a bank vault Friday evening after wandering off from her mother and grandmother:
"Looks like mom made the wrong deposit ..."

5. On the world's fattest contortionist:
"He was shocked to actually see his toes ..."

1 comment:

Jeff said...

Nobody knows where their tax money goes.

1. Considering British food, that's a recipe for mass starvation.

2. Khadafy thinks PHL meter maids are sadistic.

3. Bob & Doug Mackenzie think this guy is a lush.

4. Looks like Dad made a deposit in the wrong box. (Hey-yo!)

5. Look Ma, no dong!