Monday, October 16, 2006

Ghoulish Time of the Year!!!

Halloween is rapidly approaching. I guess I’ve never grown up because (A) I wish I could still go door-to-door asking for candy, and (B) I take enormous pride in creating weird/funny Halloween costumes (for the Halloween parties I go to). Maybe I do this because my mom never really allowed me to have cool costumes – she generally always saved my jeans that I had ruined (usually sliding on concrete at school), and then would ultimately dress me as some sort of bum (thanks, mom). What I wouldn’t have given to be a vampire, werewolf, or member of Kiss. So, come college, I started taking pride in my Halloween garb. I’ve probably done this in a prior post, but who cares – I’m doing it again. Here is a list of my favorite Halloween costumes:

1. Mick Jagger, circa the early 1970’s glam-rock years – I went full out with lipstick, eye shadow, purple stretch pants. Quite an amazing outfit, if I do say so myself.

2. Drew Carey – I always get compared with him – me being a thinner version of the guy. So, I borrowed some of my dads clothes, stuffed them with pillows, got some black glasses, and ta-da!!!! I actually won the best costume contest at the party I was at.

3. The Nittany Lion – I worked at Penn State Delaware County, one of the branch campuses, and was able to get the mascot costume for the weekend – sure it was hot and sweaty, but it LOOKED cool.

4. Heino – this was my favorite in recent memory. I spent a lot of time trying to find a red sports-coat, and I ordered a mountainous background poster that I was able to attach to the sportscoat (Heino took a lot of pictures in front of mountains). In case you don’t know who Heino is (I’m guessing hardly anyone does), check him out here:

5. The Nature Boy, Rick Flair – This may have been the most elaborate costume I ever did. My wife and I went overboard with his robe – in case you don’t know who Flair is – he is only the greatest professional wrestler of all time. He is also very flamboyant – here is one of his robes, to give you an idea on just how much of an effort we had to put in:

If I ever find any of those pics – I’ll try to post them.


Fairmaiden327 said...

I liked this post. Search for pics immediately. Heino? Cripes Los, he looks like an uber queen. Ric Flair - supa queen. Don't make me question your sexuality.

Oh, and MORNING!

El Padrino said...


Los said...

Hey - no bustin' on the Nature Boy, Fair Maiden!

El Padrino - big win by the Mets last night ... can they keep it going?

Christina_the_wench said...

I can't get the purple stretch pants out of my head. Thank you for that.

Jeff said...

I just want to know:

When you dressed up as the Nittany Lion, could you tell the women thought it was really The Lion and not you from the way they were touching you?

For everyone else's benefit: Karl and I attended a Penn State Alumni Leadership Conference in 2002, during which university president Graham Spanier thought the audience -- the school's most dedicated alumni volunteers -- needed to hear crass tales about being groped while dressed up as the Lion. Karl's response: "Mrs. Spanier must not be getting it done at home."

Reverse said...
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Reverse said...

Los I'm inspired. This year my outfit will be the Scarlet Knight! Of course this means I need to find a red sharpie for my Batman mask.

Los said...

Christina - If it makes you feel better, the purple stretch pants were from a female friend.

Jeff - Good times ... and to think he has done so much to eliminate drinking on campus.

Reverse - Glad i could help.

Rev. Smokin Steve said...

"Mrs. Spanier must not be getting it done at home."


El Padrino said...

yes they can, or my name isnt el padrino


da nature Booyy!!

Steph said...

My brother is planning on dressing up as Steve Irwin. Yes there will be a stingray barb involved.

Anonymous said...

I love being the "original" and the one who is ahead of her time...I am drawing up blanks this year...
I went as the blind Melon bumble bee one year w/ tap shoes and all...BIG mistake...Half way thru the night I was SO tanked that I slipped on the taps! WHOOOSSSSHHHH!!!! LOL ;o)

Los said...

Steph - Can we laugh at the Steve Irwin death already?

Superstar - I was thinking of going as Quagmire (from Family Guy).

-B- said...

Aw Man!!! I would pay GOOOOD money to see those pics, Los!! Ha Ha!!
I might nave a few Halloween pics laying around here.... can we all post pics (temporarily) to your blog?? That might be a great way for all of us to get blackmail pics on each other!! lol

iamunstoppable said...

first of all, i wanna see the ric flair picture.. he was hilarious, and seeing somebody do him in costume-form sounds hilarious.

second, yes we can laugh at steve irwin (i laughed the second i heard it), and you KNOW theres gonna be a bunch of people doing it this year.

ninth, go as Quagmire.. that's a great costume if you can pull it off, and he's loved by all.

15th, we're getting pretty close to dropping 'Los' and just calling you Karl. jk.

Kristin said...

Halloween is pretty much our favorite holiday... although, our pirate and jailbird outfits pale in comparison to your costume genius!

Los said...

B - I think I have a Ric Flair picture and Heino picture somewhere - I'll try and post 'em tonight.

IAM - I'll see if I can pull off Quagmire. Obviously, it will be difficult to do the face, with the big jaw and all (and keeping in mind, I wanna drink).

Kristin - One can make any costume idea a cool one. My brother's wife went as a "Cereal Murder victim" and basically had little boxes of cereal attached to her outfit with knives going into them and "blood."

Snowelf said...

I was a Rey Mysterio girl.
And Dean Malinko. Cause he's hot.
But don't worry, it's perfectly okay if you don't like wrestlers just cause they are hot. :)
Do any of them even still wrestle? I don't really follow it anymore.

I also love dressing up for Halloween and this year may be the first year I will get to in a long time, although I am not sure who I am going to be yet...

Post the pics if you find them, I bet they are great!


ps: Super--that is hilarious about the Blind Melon Bee!!

Los said...

Snow Elf - yes, Rey Mysterio still wrestles, and was actually the world champion a little while ago (WWE Smackdown). Malenko is a road agent for the WWE now, I believe.

iamunstoppable said...

please go as Daniel Larusso.

easy outfit, plus it gives you plenty of room to move, like say, if you need to crane-kick somebody's ass on the spot.