Friday, October 06, 2006

Stoppage Time

What About Philly?
I was listening to a song by the Living Things this morning called “Bom-Bom-Bom.” It is a very cool song, but one thing really bothers me about it. Now, it’s not anything about the music, the band, or the singer. No, my beef is really a stupid one. During one part of the song, the lyrics go, “I said: No NYC, Los Angeles … No Saint Louis … no New Orleans.” I was miffed by these lyrics, because they did not include “Philly” in them. Why does this bother me so much? I’m sure nobody else cares that “Detroit,” or “Akron” wasn’t mentioned in the song, so why does it affect me so much? Is it because of the lack of sports championships that makes me feel this way? Maybe it’s because New York is like Philly’s big brother, getting all the accolades and acclaim, while Philly gets pushed into the background (sitting at the “little-city’s” table during holiday dinners). Maybe it’s me – maybe I’ve sniffed too much glue in the past, that trivial things like this bother me. I just wanted to hear your thoughts on this?

Another Thing That Annoys Me for Inexplicable Reasons:
Let me first apologize to friends and family who read this blog and have done this in the past – the best part about living in this country is that we can all basically decide on our own what is cool and what is not cool. One thing that I really find uncool is when fathers name their kids after themselves (such as John, John, Jr. and so on). Seriously, do you really have that big of an ego that you have to eliminate your son’s individuality by naming him the same name as you? You know, you could’ve just have given that honor to his middle name, you pompous egotistical jerks. Please, spare me the reasoning, I don’t want to hear it. Why don’t you just go name that tree in your front yard after yourself, and be done with it … phew, I feel better.

Seriously, You Pedestrians are Really Starting to Get on my Nerves:
Look, I have no problems with normal pedestrians – you know, the ones that follow the rules – cross when the light is green, walking a little more briskly across certain crosswalks – that sort of thing. But you other ones, the ones that think that the world is named after them, the ones who pretend that cars don’t even exist – you guys are assholes, and I debated about using that term because I know it gives assholes a bad name. C’mon, humor me – why not just place a mattress in the middle of the busy intersection and take a nap. You do realize that a lot of the traffic problems that you complain about on a regular basis are because of your ignorant slow ass that takes his/her time to cross the street, don’t you? Or are you oblivious to everything? Wow, now I REALLY feel better.

“Song I Can’t Seem To Stop Playing” of the Week:
Bones by the Killers. I bought their new cd, Sam’s Place this week, and while I’ll probably need to give it a few spins before I can give a fair assessment of it, I just can’t seem to stop playing the song Bones. It’s definitely more bubble-gum poppy, but the horns in the main chorus are so addicting – just this morning I listened to the song five times in a row. Download this from I-Tunes immediately.

Best Bargain of the Week:
I bought a 5+ whole beef tenderloin at $3.99 a pound, and the butcher even cut it for free! I’m not sure why I’m so happy about this. I can’t talk enough about great deals, especially when I partake in them. I’m such a grocery shopping whore.

Stupid Los Joke of the Week:
“That’s odd.” “Like the number three?” Ink said the first comment during one of our conversations (all of our conversations are odd), so I had to add the zinger in, because that’s just the way I am.

The Quote That Basically Sums it all Up” of the Week:
“There’s good things about it, and there’s bad things about it. I choose to see the bad things about it today.” Ink, obviously in a bad mood.

“That’s What She Said” Quote of the Week:
You have to keep your manhood in there.” If you read this, you probably are thinking to yourself, there is no way that the person who uttered this wasn’t talking about sex … Well, actually, B really wasn’t talking about “bumpin’ uglies” when he came up with this knee-slapper.


Fairmaiden327 said...

I'm gonna have to address this. Let me re read and have at it.

iamunstoppable said...

the hate is strong in this one..

Los said...

And on a Friday, no less. Maybe it's 'cause the Flyers got shut-out last night.

Eric said...

I bet the annoying pedestrians all name their children after themselves.

-B- said...


We've all run that scenario through our heads.... you know, running over that pompous pedestrian strutting real slow - and looking at you while doing it.
SPLAT!!! And I'm on my way!! He he.

I've heard enough about your beef this week. And your tenderloin too. Seriously, I'll have to pick one up - that was a great deal.

Ink and Stone said...

What About Philly?
What ABOUT Philly?

Another Thing That Annoys Me for Inexplicable Reasons:
Egotistical?? You bitch about people naming their kids after themselves, saying it's egotistical, yet your little 'i hate when people are named this because...' rant shows you stroking your own pathetic ego.

Does another persons name really bother you that much? What's next? Is it going to be a person's religion? The way they look? The music they listen to? GET OVER YOURSELF.

You hit a nerve here with this, obviously.
I AM named after my father, and I'm proud of that fact.
I love my pop, he's a good guy, breaks his back for his family, and is a very humble person. You DON'T know my father, so don't fucking judge him, you pathetic, intolerant piece of shit.

I was born on his birthday, so he named me after him.
My name is Frederick David Jr.
My Dad's name is Frederick David Sr.
His Dad's name is Frederick Henry.
His Dad's name is Frederick Miles.
And his Dad's name is Henry. No relation.

Spare you the reasoning?? Fuck you, you pompous, egotistical jerk. We don't answer to you, so go fuck yourself.

You're my friend, Karl, but don't EVER insult anyone in my family, at least until after you get to know them (then insult them all you want! ;-P I'd still kick your ass though). (I know this isn't specifically directed at me, but me and my pop fall under this group - course I am in a bad mood today, too - somebody shit in my Wheaties... and no, it wasn't you Los)

Seriously, You Pedestrians are Really Starting to Get on my Nerves:
How about the idiots that drive way too slow when it rains?? Or even mists?? Like driving 30 in a 50 MPH area. That's how it was this morning because of a little light rain.

“Song I Can’t Seem To Stop Playing” of the Week:
Lies by Ministry. The new album is excellent!

Mmmmm... tenderloin.... *drooool*
I choose to see the bad things today, too. Dammit.

Jeff said...

I enjoy living in Philly, but we behave like a low-class city and then don't like hearing about it. Being proud of the in-stadium court and jail is just one of far too many examples.

In January, I overheard a diner waiter patiently, happily explaining to a customer the difference between toast and French toast. In Manhattan. The same customer at, say, Skinny Joey Merlino Diner in South Philly would find himself thrown through the window.

Juniors: In general, whatever. But George Foreman naming his kids George I through George V is a little over the top.

What really ticks me off is when someone crosses the street in front of me, starting on the other side, runs across that side as if doing me a favor, then walks across my side. I'm on crutches and run across both sides, so you can too. Dammit.

Best Bargain of the Week:
I'm glad that Karl can contain conversations about his meat and whores to the grocery store.

Stupid Los Joke of the Week:
I will never get those 5 seconds of my life back. Thanks a lot.

Los said...

Ink - I hope that thing that crawled up your butt dies. This is a blog site, not a bible. Grow up, and learn to laugh at things.

Jeff - Anything I can do to help.

Los said...

Seriosul, folks, name your children whatever you want them to be named ... I won't think any less of ya ... just sayin'.

Christina_the_wench said...

You could get that look of disdain that everyone gets when they mention my Detroit.

Poor Flyers. *looks to see if she has any Flyers on her Fantasy Hockey teams*

Rev. Smokin Steve said...

Dude... Ink just went medieval on your ass!

He bitch-slapped you worse than the Penguins did to the Flyers last night.

Los said...

Christina - bad night for both of us last night.

Smokin' - Didn't think something as trivial as this would piss him off like this. I meant no disrespect to his dad or anybody else who disagrees with me ... I guess I probably could've laid out that section a little less harshly. But hey, if you don't have a sense of humor, don't read my blog.

-B- said...

So, which is it? Do you not think less of fathers who name their sons with their name, or are they pompous egotistical jerks?? Huh?
Ahh, who cares!!! I share the same name as my father and I think it rules. Your rant made me chuckle.. I might've said, "Sooooooorrrryyyyy!!!" to, but it's cool.
Sorry, Ink, that Los was such a pompous egotistical jerk there!!! LOL

Los said...

I guess I "am" a pompous egotistical jerk. But I love you all the same, no matter what your stupid names are.

iamunstoppable said...

cleanup on aisle 4, we got somebody ON THE RAG!!!!

im sorry, but that rant HAD to be in jest.. i mean, that shit was just TOO MUCH! hahahaha

im near tears.. seriously.

oh, and really, where's that mop.. this blood is gonna make someone slip.

(curse you red wings, 3-1 canucks on opening night.)

iamunstoppable said...

and i would not have pegged Los as a "Karl".

that's all i gleamed from that douching rant.

Fairmaiden327 said...

OMG WTF. Awkward much Ink? My son is a Junior, what's the big deal and why are you personalizing? When people comment like this it makes me wonder why they bother reading people's opinions, and why they don't think people are entitled to their own opinion. Ugh, depressing. Why out him with his name, too? Tacky.

iamunstoppable said...

well, maiden, i know that when i read Los' comments, i definitely read it as "david whatever sr, and david whatever jr".

i mean, he was CLEARLY talking directly, and only about him.


v for vendetta, if i may say so myself. or maybe L for Vendetta.

Rev. Smokin Steve said...

"I guess I probably could've laid out that section a little less harshly. But hey, if you don't have a sense of humor, don't read my blog. "

It would have helped if you were actually funny.


iamunstoppable said...

ZING! backs him off the plate!

Los said...

Smokin' - that's why ya need me, buddy. To be funny ... dick.

Bob Kaelin said...

Ouch, does Johhnay know about the utter hate you have for the heritage of his name. He's a III. That probably pisses you off even more.

Flyers got their asses handed to them last night. I only watched the first half of the first period and Penguins were already two up on them before I changed over to watch My Name is Earl.

I hate pedestrians walking in front of me when I'm driving too. Some asshole kid walked right in front of my car tonight and put his hand out at me indicating me to stop. I wanted to run his ass over so badly too. I shoulda done it.

Corey & Carson said...

The who "Jr." thing or "II, III, or XI" is all silly and egocentric. Heaven forbid you get a little creative. If you love your name so much, use it as the middle name for Christ's sake!

Anonymous said...

~note to self, "dont piss off ink and stone"~

Ok Well here is my take on it. I really like Sr, Jr, III, IV. I think it's "old money" rearing it's ugly head. Then again I dated a guy from West Virgina who was a III and he put his jeans and a shirt w/ his name on the same as the rest of us....I think that it's kind of class thing.
My father was named after my Grandfather and so forth...but they didn't do the Sr, Jr thing. They changed the middle name. I think Richard is a fine and strong name. There are things called nick names that most parents or adults prefer to be called by in reference to thier name. That is just my humble opions...

Well I have this to say...Since y'all are a bunch of idiots, then stay off the sidewalks. I will drive over, under, and around you IF I feel like it. Otherwise, SPLAT! right over my car. ;o)

back to the good stuff from your pod cast...
So do you or your wife want to take pics of you two now???

Ink and Stone said...

I will never laugh at things, ever!!!

(Honestly, sorry about that bro, I went off the handle a bit too much there... you'll know why soon enough)

iamunstoppable said...

"you'll know why soon enough"

there's a kid on the way, and the little bugger is gonna be named in succession...

Reverse said...

Best Bargain of the Week:

After today I need to take the gang over to Wednesday Wegman's. The food there kicks A$$.

Reverse said...

Guys, If this post isn't mentioned or at least parodied in your podcast...ewwww.