Monday, October 30, 2006

Topical Chat, October 30, 2006

Heckuva Halloween weekend – the best costume was Andy Reid’s impression of Rich Kotite.

1. On the death of Red Auerbach, legendary coach of the Celtics:Will this be as devastating to the cigar industry as Billy Martin’s death was to the pipe industry?”

2. On a Florida teen who is in hot water for an unusual joy ride he's accused of taking this weekend - allegedly stealing a bus, driving it along a public transit route, picking up passengers and collecting fares:
“Passengers became suspicious when they were being picked up at their bus stops on time.”

3. On police investigating a theft of frozen popsicles:
“they are narrowing the search down to only people with brain freeze and a purple tongue.”

4. On a group of Scottish people complaining about the sale of cheap alcohol:
“That’s right, ruin it for the rest of us, just like Jerry Falwell.”

5. On St. Louis being named the most dangerous city in the U.S:
“Rumor has it, they are thinking of changing the name of the Gateway Arch to the Arch of Doom!”

6. On a flasher being jailed after claiming he wasn’t exposing himself — he was holding a jumbo hot dog:
“The authorities may have believed him if he told them it was a baby gherkin.”

7. On students from Colorado State University attempting to set a new world record for streaking:
“Looks like they are going for a transfer to Florida State.”

8. On British human beings possibly being forced to be 'microchipped' like pet dogs in 10 years, a shocking official report into the rise of the Big Brother state has warned:
“And still, they can’t solve that oral hygiene issue.”


Fairmaiden327 said...

Los you nut, this looks like postings you put on your other site. BTW, how do you juggle so many? Why not keep one?

Snowelf said...

Being a former St. Louisian, that is damn funny. My best fiend was bitching about that last night to me on the phone about that and how people are really taking it personally since there was this whole article putting down the city.

Myself, I hated living in St Louis (though it is an AWESOME place to visit!) I never felt safe there.

And I always called the arch my Arch Nemesis. ;)

have a great week Los and Amen to the poltical insanity!!