Friday, October 20, 2006

Stoppage Time, October 20, 2006

Funniest/Most Disturbing Video of the Week:
If you’ve ever wondered what it must be like for turtles to have sex, check this out … you’ll thank me later:

Made-up Word of the Week:
Mabilly – Apparently, this is a mix between the words maybe and probably. A friend came up with this one yesterday … and ‘mabilly’ I’ll use it. My claims she can’t use it because it sounds too much like the mascara she uses.

Fantastic Letter of the Week:
I came across this on this morning. Did you ever wonder (A) who the worst rated player on the Madden 2007 was, and (B) how he felt about this “distinction?” Again, you can thank me, because the guy sent an actual letter to Madden (complete with some of his red pubes, apparently), and he totally goes off on the fat-man. Tears are still rolling down my eyes. Seriously, you NEED to check this out:
What Happened?
This wasn’t supposed to happen, was it? Our own Philadelphia Flyers possibly being the worst hockey team in the NHL? Weren’t we just one goal away from the Stanley Cup finals just a few years ago? How can this happen? Who is to blame? Is it the coach, the GM, the players? Probably a lot of all three. The city hasn’t been this turned-off to hockey since the early 1990’s, when Philly missed the playoffs five straight years. Why do I get the feeling Ed Wade is involved in this somehow?

Kim Jong ‘Illin’:
Do you think the guy gets it at this point? North Korea’s leader is about to turn his back on his only real ‘supporters,’ the People’s Republic of China. China has threatened to put sanctions on its support to this nut-case if he continues moving forward with his nuclear practices. If the guy does this, his country will probably become a giant hole in the ground. Even Castro and Cuba bristle when his name is mentioned.


Jeff said...

Turtle video:
It took Paris Hilton this long to stoop to bestiality? (Or is that "ascend to bestiality"?)

What Jimmy Carter calls his drunk brother.

Worst-rated Madden player:
His agent repeatedly said, "Next question."

Team rules require all players must satisfy at least 2 of the following 5 criteria: old, big, slow, unskilled, and frail. The real mystery is how Simon Gagne got exempted -- my guess is that he has pictures of GM Bob Clarke with livestock.

Kim Jong ‘Illin’:
1. China is complicit -- they refuse to inspect trucks and planes to/from NoKo. At least the ones not carrying NoKo refugees.
2. China is trying to force the US to solve every world problem so China can focus on strategizing vs. the US.
3. NoKo has the hammer vs. China -- they can just open the floodgates of refugees.
4. The good news is that Kim is dumb enough to use up all his fissible material in testing -- if only the rest of the world shuts off his supplies.
5. The bad news is that South Korea wants to keep this loon in power to avoid the economic costs of unification with NoKo. And that China doesn't inspect NoKo exports.

Jeff said...
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Rev. Smokin Steve said...

I'[m bringing that letter over to the LOV blog for everyone. That is classic!

Schooskie said...

Oh my god...that letter is hilarious.
regarding the podcast..i think you improved with first kisses, you only knocked over a row of barstools when it was our fist kiss.

Los said...

Jeff - I think Clarkie's time might finally be numbered in Philly.

Rev - I was gonna post it on the LOV message board - thanks!

Skooskie - I age like a fine wine ...

Fairmaiden327 said...

Los, been having problems for 90% of the work day with our server. I want to write on this but Jeff got me beat. Have an awesome weekend and can't wait to listen to the podcast. Hugs.

Los said...

You too, FM - enjoy the wine, "smoke," and movies.

Anonymous said...

GREAT podcast guys!
Loving Smokin on the muscle relaxers! Your outside voice is TOO FUNNY!

Mabilly sounds like some made up red neck expression! LOL :o)

iamunstoppable said...

"give it up, or im taking it from you."

words to live by.

Corey & Carson said...

When I'm teaching and just rambling on about stuff, I often combine words and the kids find it absolutely hysterical. They was to start a dictionary of words I've made up. "Mabilly" would be a good one!