Friday, October 13, 2006

Stoppage Time

For the Life of Me, I’ll Never Understand This:
Concert presales are the big thing, and have been for quite a while. Basically, if you like a particular band, you can join their “fan club,” for a nominal fee (for the Stones, it’s $100). Basically, all you get is annoying e-mails about new concerts in Bangladesh, and the opportunity to buy tickets before they go on sale (the only real reason to “join” a fan club). The problem is, that this presale basically sells out concert venues before tickets even go on sale. So, much like new football stadiums, this “nominal fee” becomes more like a personal seat license (PSL) – or in other words, paying for the right to pay for tickets. You know, there is going to be a point where there will be different levels of presales, depending on how much money you are willing to shell out – Platinum presale, Gold presale, etc. Why even bother putting the tickets on sale anymore? This really bugs the sh*t out of me. I remember a day (dating myself here), when we used to have to sleep out in parking lots of stadiums for tickets … now, I didn’t much enjoy that, but still, THAT was better than this presale scam.

Stupid Conversation/Quote of the Week:
“Wait, scallops are shellfish? I thought they were like oysters.” A coworker of mine, Kurtis was wondering why he broke out after eating scallops at a wedding. After a brief discussion, it finally clicked in his head, but we didn’t even get into the whole conversation about oysters being shellfish. Your tax dollars at work.

Cool Band Name of the Week:
Thundersnow – I heard a weather forecaster use this term this morning, and thought it ruled.

Made up Word of the Week:
Lunch Box – Now, I know this is an actual word, BUT I just found out this week that you use this word as a put-down to somebody you don’t like. For instance, you see a jerk crossing the street when the light is red, and you say, “Hey, look at that Lunch Box over there.” I don’t know – it seemed funnier at the time …


Christina_the_wench said...

I remember waiting four hours in literally rain, snow and sun for Aerosmith tickets at Toledo Sports Arena when it was first come, first serve for seating. Hell's Angels were the security. Yeah, it was the '80s. Good times. I was in the first row. =)

Rev. Smokin Steve said...

I've heard the term lunch box used as a term of endearment. Jay used to call Silent Bob that all the time.

Waiting out for tickets... I used to give my money to friends who waited for me. Or, I would just get up at 6 am and then get in line. You could still get tickets getting in line at 6 am.

It's a farce nowadays.

Los said...

Christina - Front row! It was all worth it!

Smokin' - slacker.

Jeff said...

StubHub is cheaper than the $100 Stones fan club.

Joining a fan club for pre-sales is a waste. Most big-ticket concert and sporting event tickets are given to government officials (and their relatives and lackeys) anyway.

Kristin said...

I love "lunch box" as an insult1

I also remember a time when getting tickets to stuff was an adventure in itself... everything today is so damn sanitized.

Corey & Carson said...

Rev. beat me to the "lunch box" thing with Jay and Silent Bob...I love those two fools!

Snowelf said...

Lunch Box IS kinda funny... Wasn't it a cartoon character at one time? Or maybe I am thinking of Jay and Silent Bob too?...Or Mushmouth?...hmmm...

PSL tickets...presales...I hate them too...they are like "line tickets"--which i also think are stupid.

Just joining the rant.


Steph said...

Pre-sale tickets are limited. There still should be more than adequate tickets for sale online/phone/ or booth.

I know in Oz, they are trying to phase out booth sales. Eventually tix will only be purchased online, with call centres used just for enquiries.
It's all about the bottom line my friend.

Anonymous said...

I must be a "tool" cuz I don't get it...Lunch box....hmm

Maybe it's just a East coast thing....LOL ;o)