Wednesday, August 05, 2009

80's Corner

We had some really weird fashions in the 1980's - acid-washed jeans, leg warmers, Esprit shirts ... I could go on and one ... for at least about 5 minutes. No, I chose a different fashion that came out in the late 1980's, and pretty much died shortly thereafter (thankfully).

The fashion item I'm talking about is .... drum roll ... Z-Cavaricci. Oh, these pants were something else ... they seemed to really accentuate mullets ... or in my case, the faux mullet that I sported (the back of my hair curled up, and did not go straight down like the cool mullet dudes).

You see, for some reason, the preppy look was the "in-thing" in the late 1980's, and the Z-Cavarcci's pants were the epitome of preppy fashion. But, with the high $50 price tag, I could only afford one ... and I wore it my entire senior year (or at least it seemed that way).

A nice wispy mustache was probably a good thing to have when wearing these pants (as is evidenced by the picture below).


Superstar said...

~shakes head~ Men shouldn't put their hands in pockets for pics...looks like they are playing w/ themselves...*giggles*
Or in front of the package area, either!

Heff said...

I, Uh...skipped that trend.

schue said...

Z-Cavaricci's preppy??!?!
Izod is preppy.