Monday, August 03, 2009

Song of the Week

In the tradition of bands like the Bangles and the Go Go's, the Sounds are rapidly becoming a very popular women's rock band (ok, ok - maybe we can't call the Go Go's or the Bangles as "rock" bands, but I think you get the idea). The band has spent about 10 years trying to become an overnight sensation. A Swedish band that mixes punk and synth-pop masterfully, they're power and enthusiasm is exuded (yeah, I used exuded) through their music, and the result is music that's poppy, yet funky enough to enjoy thoroughly.

One Sounds song that I particularly love is called "Tony the Beat," but is probably better known as "This Song is Not for you Lovers," and by the title, you can probably guess it's not a ballad. No, no - this diddy focuses more on the rough stuff, as can be evidenced by they lyrics "ha, it's sweaty ... now, I'm ready ... just take it off ... cause cause you tease me."

For the most part, you'll hear punk influences (maybe Blondie, circa the early years), and some really catchy synth-hooks. The chorus is catchy, and the female v oices are loud and powerful.

Check out the video (didn't realize the band was this hot):