Friday, August 14, 2009

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year...

As many of you probably know, I love football ... I mean, I LOVE FOOTBALL!!!! I was an intern with the 1996 Philadelphia Eagles for crying out loud! I went to one of the greatest football schools ever ... Penn State baby! And as the dusk of summer approaches, my weekends will start to be spend watching football, football, and yes, more football!

And, of course with football comes fantasy football! I've probably been playing for 10+ years, and now can't imagine life without it (yes, I probably have a problem). I'm in 3 leagues right now, which is probably one league too many, but that's ok - one of the leagues is a free league (so, I really don't put any time at all in this).

With every football season comes lots of questions. Which running back will go first? Is it Adrian Peterson this year, Maurice Jones Drew, or Matt Forte? Who's the best quarterback - Drew Brees, Tom Brady, or Peyton Manning? What about sleepers - how good is Steve Slaton going to be? These questions and more need to be answered successfully in order to be successful in fantasy football. Oh, and probably even more important - injuries. You need to get majorly lucky not to lose any of your big players to injury. Last year, I lost Tom Brady 10 minutes into the first game of the season. I made it to the playoffs, but if I would've had Brady, there's probably a good chance that I would've been in the finals. That's what makes fantasy football so great. And, that's probably why I love this time of year the most! Well, time to do more studying!

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Jeff said...

In what round does Ron Mexico get drafted?