Monday, August 10, 2009

80's Corner

The year that I didn't get the Green Machine, I did get a different gift - Mr. Quarterback! This was a "machine" that would apparently throw football great distances, eliminating the need for a steady quarterback ... or friends, for that matter. I remember the commercial vividly - it was endorsed by the great Roger Staubach, and claimed the "machine" could throw the football up to an amazing 30 yards.

In looking back, I'm not sure what these claims were based on - maybe this was downhill throwing, I'm guessing. My experience with it was that it could throw the football about 5 yards, tops. And this football was a cheap plastic football. In the wintertime, it basically turned into a brick, which still didn't help increase the distance Mr. Quarterback would throw the football.

It sucked. Man, did it suck. Certainly a much worse gift than the aforementioned Green Machine. Sigh. Oh, and I couldn't even find an image of the original Mr. Quarterback ... I'm guessing this was such a bad product that the company tried to purge any memory of it. The pic above is for the "new" Mr. Quarterback.


Heff said...

I remember hearing about this "product" back in the day, but this one was so lame, I didn't even want it.

Reverse said...

Who would shoot the football. You or Kurt?

El Padrino said...

dont recall, i'll take your word for it