Tuesday, August 18, 2009

80's Corner

As a child of the 80's, I remember a cool toy that was nearly impossible to get around the holidays ... one all of the kids wanted to have ... one that caused parents to sleep out in front of department stores, and frantically fight over ... no, I'm not talking about Cabbage Patch Kids (probably a post for a future 80's corner). I'm talking about Crossbows and Catapults!

You may not remember this awesome game, and I'm not sure why, it was a dynamic, creative, and fun game that I played for hours at a time. Here's how Wikipedia describes it: "In the game two sides, originally Vikings and Barbarians but later other names were used, build fortifications from plastic bricks then opposing players attempt to destroy each other's castle with rubber-band powered crossbows (similar to ballistae) and catapults firing plastic disks."

This is a great description. Here's what I would add - the true creativity of this game was in the creation of the castle. And of course, the precision in firing the "pogs" played heavily in the game. When I think of this game, I go back in time to the basement of my parents' house, sitting on the floor with my neighborhood buddies, drinking a can of Coke, building castles and talking trash. God, I miss those days!


El Padrino said...

i dont recall

-B- said...

I never had that game, but it looks and sounds awesome. I think I vaguely remember a commercial for it though.

Ink and Stone said...

Unfortunately, I never had the game. It looks like fun though!

snowelf said...

This game rocked. My brothers and I would have serious epic battles with it--and I do believe my parents still have our copy to this day. :)


Heff said...

Hmmm. You got me on this one. Never heard of it.