Sunday, August 30, 2009

Song of the Week

I love listening to newer music ... most of the time, I'll enjoy a song or two from a band, but in rare occasions, some bands intrigue me enough to follow them more closely. It happened with Franz Ferdinand, The Killers, Electric Six, Orson, and the Virgins. And, I think I'll probably be adding this band to that list - The Shout Out Louds.

They have a raw, unfinished sound to them, with a lead singer who's voice tends to crack at times - certainly, not something you'd see on American Idol (which is a really good thing, by the way). The song that got me hooked on the band is called "The Comeback," and no, it's not a remix of that L.L. Cool J. song.

The diddy starts of with a countdown sound, something you've probably heard on an Atari 2600 game. This "instrument" probably isn't all that different than what the Cars used (again, a good thing). There's nothing that really sticks out about this tune, it just flows nicely. The words seem to be a bit sad - apparently about a guy who just got through a bad breakup, and is at wit's end. Ironically, the chorus talks about making this a comeback, even though he sounds sad and depressed the entire time ... irony can be intriguing, I guess.

The chorus itself is catchy, and the repetitive guitar and drums hearkens to a rock/pop and punk mix. With all of that overproduced emo stuff, this song and the band in general is refreshing.

Here's the video in case you're interested:


El Padrino said...

i dig this

-B- said...

They have a good sound to them, nice find Los!