Monday, August 17, 2009

Fast Food Corner

Ever since I've seen the Wendy's commercial, I've been intrigued by the Boneless Wings. Wendy's advertises something along the lines of "Why pay more at a restaurant?" And since I loves me some chicken, and I'm a big fan of chicken nuggets, chicken tenders, and chicken wings, I had to take this on .... for research purposes of course.

I went to a local Wendy's and ordered the Sweet and Spicy Asian Chicken boneless wings. First, the portion is decent - it's about 7 or 8 tenders. Probably not enough for a complete meal (may I suggest an order of a double stacker?), but still, not bad. Now, Wendy's advertises that these boneless wings are hand-tossed ... I found out what they mean by this is, they put the nuggets in the container, squeeze on the sauce, and then shake the container before they give it to you .... hey for $4.00 (or whatever the price), what do you expect? This is fast food, remember? And, if it tastes good, why should I care?

Well, honestly, it tastes ok, but I'm not craving it. It's a little dry, and the Asian flavor is nothing to write home about. I'd rather just buy a couple of 5-pack chicken nuggets, and dip them in honey mustard ... it's cheaper, and, in my opinion, it tastes better. I can't speak for the other two flavors - Buffalo and honey barbecue, but if they're anything like the Asian flavor, it might not be worth it.


Mrs R said...

The buffalo is ok but they don't have bleu cheese dressing. ???

El Padrino said...

99c nuggets, undefeated

Heff said...

Hmmmm. I usually like Wendy's food.

-B- said...

The boneless wings started out fantastic (honey bbq is better than the aisian) - one of the only fast food items that actually looked like the photo and the commercial when I bit into it. But sadly, the last time I got them, they started the cheapification mode - they were very fatty and had a lot of gristle (sp??). I think it's a policy with ff restaurants to start a new item strong, then back it's quality down when people are hooked to save money.