Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"Hand Food"

A few weekends ago, the wife and I went over to her parents house to hang out, swim in the pool, and basically enjoy a beautiful Saturday. While we were there, Schue's mom asked if she should pick something up for dinner. Never being one to say no to food, I told her that I thought this was a great idea. My thought was we'd either order some pizza, or maybe make burgers and dogs on the grill ... you know, a typical summertime weekend dinner.

Schue's mom, bless her heart, had other ideas. She went to the supermarket, purchased pasta and clams, and ended up cooking up some sort of spaghetti dinner that seemed to take more time than needed to do. I love Schue's mom's cooking, and this dinner was quite good. However, I had an issue with it - why cook some sort of fancy spaghetti dinner that we had to eat inside, when you could've cooked something we could enjoy outside?

I would've much preferred a simpler dinner that I could maybe eat in the pool if I wanted to ... I explained this to my wife as "hand food." Hand Food, according to Los's dictionary, is food you can hold and eat without the need for a plate, bowl, or utensils.

The funny part is that we were all commenting on how wonderful it was outside, and how the pool cooled us off nicely. So, what do we do? We go inside and eat spaghetti. I mean, shouldn't this be food you make when you come home from Christmas shopping? I felt like I should be wearing some scratchy sweater whilst eating this dinner.

Anyway, I've probably over-analyzed this ... the dinner was good. I guess that's the main point.


El Padrino said...

spaghetti and whit clam sauce is good in any weather

Lisa said...

i agree, spaghetti is fall food. i also agree that schue's mom is an awesome cook. ...babs

-B- said...

Sounds good, but spaghetti and clams probably would fall through your hand and into the pool. Spaghetti-clogged filter.