Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Song of the Week

Placebo - a band that looks and probably acts very "Emo," and as many of you know, I can't really get into the Emo scene ... the songs all seem to sound the same to me - the same scratchy voice, the same overproduced guitars, the same redundant drum beats, the same background voices ... it's a product of the music industry ... "Hey, this band was successful, let's make every song sound exactly like that."

However, for some reason, I really enjoy one song from Placebo called "The Bitter End." The lead singer sounds more like the lead singer from the Pet Shop Boys ... which, in the case of Emo is good - heck the guy sounds different. Sure, there is redundancy with the drums, and the guitars, but it's still pretty catchy. There seem to be sounds of rain drops in the background, and the song itself is fast, but the words are dreary (Like many Emo songs, it deals with suicide ... I think).

For some reason, You-Tube won't allow me to post the video, however, here's a link.

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Lisa said...

The trend I'm most aggravated with in music is all the computer singing. Not sure what it's called, but it's really annoying.

Will have to check out this song .... babs