Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Dope or Nope

The "big game" in the NFL has become legendary for its many different proposition bets, and block pools. I remember when the Iggles were in the Super Bowl (2004 season), I played a block pool at a local bar - $25 a block. I picked one block, and even though the Birds lost the Super Bowl, I won $500 ... I guess that was a nice consolation in some ways.

Some of the proposition bets for the Super Bowl include - The first touchdown, first player to say "Hi Mom," and which team wins the coin toss, etc.

So, my question is, Super Bowl betting - is it dope or nope?


Steph said...

I suppose it's no different than World Series pools. My hubby entered a Super Bowl one so he either lost or won and didn't tell me and is going to buy some kinda toy. Hmmm..

El Padrino said...

Dopest thing ever