Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Weekly Homework Assignment

It’s time once again for Mama Kat’s Weekly Homework Assignment! This week, I chose the following prompt: A memorable date. I remember it like it was yesterday. I asked this girl to the freshman dance a few days before the actual dance … and we had a great time (no, seriously, we did!). It has become “tradition” that you go on a date the night after the dance (at least, this is what was tradition at my school).

My date and I had a truly romantic night planned – 2 or 3 games of bowling (man, do I know how to wow them!). We walked to the bowling alley, threw a few games, and then walked back to her place. We were hanging out, watching some TV … sitting in two chairs, separated by an end table. I noticed some sort of metal ruler on the floor, and I picked it up to play with it.

I decided at some point shortly after picking up said ruler that it would be wise to whack my date on the knees with the ruler … which sparked a wrestling match between me and my date (wow – the ruler trick actually worked!). So, we spent a couple of minutes doing our best Ken Patera impersonations, and before you know it, we were face-to-face … laughing …. But of course, the laughing stopped, and it became awful serious.

Let me step back a second here, and add that up until this point, I had never actually kissed a girl … sure, sure I practiced on my pillow a few times, but that’s about it … OK, back to the story.

As you might expect, I became very, very nervous … In fact, I kind of lost track of what I was actually doing … and the next thing I know is I’m hitting her in the face with a pillow … and no, this is not a good romantic move … in fact, it killed the moment.

Luckily, my mom showed up in the mini-van to pick up her romantically inept son not long after. I remember not being able to sleep for 2 days because I kept replaying the moronic moment in my head over and over again.

But, the story does have a happy ending (no, not that kind of happy ending, you dirty minds!). We ended up going out on another date, and this time, she pinned me to a wall and forced me to kiss her (which was probably a really good move on her part). We ended up dating for 7 months … She must’ve seen something cute/nutty in me …


Steph said...

What a charmer you were!

El Padrino said...

Ah, the pillow move, good one.

Reverse said...

ahh good times.

caramac said...

oh, high school. :) - cara from mama kat's.

snowelf said...

That is hilarious.
Have you posted about your first date with your wife? Did you guys have a date, or were you friends first? (You know me, the hopeless romantic always looking for pointers.)


Note to self: do not bash date in face with pillow. ;)

Jeff said...

Those aren't pillows -- AAAAAHHH!!!