Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Wacky News Stories

Finally, the Super Bowl is over ... now we have to endure the "tundra days" until baseball season ... at least Philly has the Flyers!

1. On a town's winter carnival being canceled because of too much snow:
"That's like a luau being canceled because of too much sun ..."

2. On Rick Astley turning 45-years old:
"My birthday wishes go out to that fine lady ..."

3. On an overenthusiastic seven-year-old London boy almost buying his very own real-life Harrier fighter jet on eBay for £69,999 ($113,515).
"That would've probably been one helluva show-and-tell!"

4. On a mother being banned from taking pictures of her newborn baby at Maryland hospital:
"And don't even think about breast-feeding, lady!"

5. On a western Pennsylvania man stealing a Jeep and robbing a bank a day after a judge let him out of jail where he had been awaiting trial on charges of assaulting his girlfriend:
"This guy must not be a very good doctor, because he doesn't have a lot of 'Patience.'"


Steph said...

I'm so glad that football season is over and baseball season will be here soon.

paige said...

I pity the fool who tells me I can't take pictures of my child. I will burn that place down.