Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wacky News Stories

Pitchers and Catchers .... PITCHERS AND CATCHERS!!!

1. On a live-in nanny having a disturbing fetish for soiled diapers being sentenced to 16 months in jail:
"Speaking from recent diaper-changing experience, this is absolutely ridiculous ... there should be a law that anyone with a baby diaper fetish should either be sentenced to death, or sent to Dallas."

2. On a woman filing a lawsuit Friday claiming that she bit into and chewed a piece of glass inside her spicy McChicken sandwich:
"I guess they ran out of other spices?"

3. On Disney beginning to send sales reps into 580 hospitals nationwide - The reps are offering new moms, within hours of giving birth, a free Disney Cuddly Bodysuit for their babies if they sign up for e-mail alerts from
"Didn't Marlboro try this a few years ago?"

4. On police questioning a woman who allegedly injected another woman in the buttocks with silicon (the woman later died):
"Umm ... if anything, they should be giving this woman a gold star for eliminating another knucklehead from this world .... really, silicon butt injections administered by someone with no medical background? Really?"

5. On a study that reports beer lovers are more likely to have sex on the first date:
"Beer .... it's not just for breakfast anymore!"


El Padrino said...

man that rotation, with all due respect i hope cliff lee blows his elbow out and halladay falls down an escalator and breaks his leg requireing 3 surgeries that force him to retire and roy oswalt to need tommy john and cole hammels to contract aids from gay buttsex

blanton is cool with me

Jeff said...

Somebody must be a Mets fan ...

1. Jeez, I'm not even from Philly and I remember Uncle Eddie ...

2. Does glass come with Special Sauce?

3. Wonder what the IRS would offer for "early" sign-up ...

4. Buttocks injections are more common around 12th St.

5. Fraternity brothers everywhere, celebrate!

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