Saturday, February 05, 2011

Fast Food Corner

McDonalds is promoting a new Chipotle Barbecue Angus Burger ... so, as you know, I needed to check it out ... for research purposes, of course. The burger itself is pretty much the same as the Bacon Angus Burger, with the additions of Chipotles and barbecue sauce.

For the most part, the burger tasted allright - their Angus burgers are fantastic to begin with. The main problem was the barbecue sauce, which is the same exact sauce they use for the McRib (I guess they had some left over ...). It overwhelms the burger - you can't taste the Chipotles, and you unfortunately have Mc-Rib-flavored burps for the rest of the day.

Of course, the fries more than make up for it (are you listening, Burger King?). It's an ok burger, but not as good as the regular Angus offerings.

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