Monday, December 07, 2009

Dope or Nope

All of this "publicity" around Tiger Woods has gotten ... well ... a little supersaturated, hasn't it? Tiger made a comment I found fascinating - claiming that everybody has a right to privacy ... which I guess is technically true. However, if you are the most famous/popular "athlete" on the planet, that privacy probably doesn't go much past the front door of your mansion.

Here's the thing. I think Tiger felt he was invincible ... that he could do whatever he wanted without consequences. This seems to happen to most pro athletes (at least the elite ones). Michael Jordan went through this. So did T.O., Kobe and Vick. These superstars have gotten so used to people looking the other way, and kissing their butts, that they buy into the "dream."

Tiger's image will most certainly take a hit in the short-run, but I'm guessing in a few years, most people will forget about it, much like the forgot about Kobe's hideous actions in Denver (seriously, look at all of the endorsements Kobe has again!).

Here's the dope or nope - A superstar (whether athlete or actor) gives up his/her right to total privacy. What are your thoughts?


Four Dinners said...

I'm against the paparazzi spy camera shots and stuff like that. That's out of order but, if you choose a career that puts you in the public eye - especially if you're extremely successful at it - be it sportsman, politician, rock star then it goes with the turf.

You can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen.

Be a successful butcher or some'at. Then you can shag to your hearts content without the wifey finding out.

Reverse said...

I think he should have a free pass after what happened to his car. Comr on people, his ride got smashed up. Have a little heart :).

El Padrino said...

9 bitches man

he's my hero

so dope

Superstar said...

I have to wonder if any other domestic dispute from an inter-racial couple would have been such a "big to-do" LOL

I have to admit the idea of the very object and person that you love beating you up is kind of dark comedy at it's best..I mean, it's the reality that keeps us all tuned into it.

I want to know why he offered so much money for her to "stay"..that is what kills me...

Sandi said...

I agree with Four Dinners.