Monday, December 28, 2009

Song of the Week

I hope everyone had a great Christmas (holiday). I had a lot of fun hanging with family and friends, and of course opening presents. Some of my favorite presents included a netbook, a cool fishing game for the Wii, tickets to a Stones tribute band show, and the Freaks and Geeks DVD set.

Of course the most "interesting" present I received was a gag gift from my brother and his wife ... the Bob Dylan Christmas CD. Yes, you heard me right, Bob Dylan released a cd of classic Christmas songs this past fall ... and sadly, it's as awful as the idea sounds. Dylan never had a great voice, but it fit in well with the music he wrote. With each passing year, his voice has gotten progressively worse.

Folks, his voice has hit rock-bottom with this album. I'm confused with this - Dylan has been see-sawing for years between Christianity and Judaism... I actually think his back to being Jewish, which makes this project head-scratching. What prompted hims to do this?Did he lose a bet with his son Jacob? I'm sure he's set financially, right?

As bad as this album is, there is one song that isn't half-bad, and could live on with each successive Christmas season - "Must be Santa." Maybe I gravitate to this diddy because it's a song that was a staple of my grade-school chorus. Maybe because it's goofy and light-hearted ... and actually fun. Maybe it's because the background vocalists seem more prominent than Bob Dylan in this. Whatever the reason, if you need a new Christmas album, the Bob Dylan album is not the one for you ... but you can download "Must Be Santa."


snowelf said...

My son sang "Must be Santa" in his Christmas play and I was looking for a song for him to practice to and found the Bob Dylan one...oy.
I think you summed it up nicely here! :)


sirgeb said...

This can only be trumped by "A William Shatner Christmas" (spoken word).

No, I don't think such a thing exists, but now that Dylan's got one, we've started down the slipery slope, so give it a few years.

Steph said...

Bob Dylan Christmas music? Sounds horrid.

Jeff said...

Everybody must get snow!

Nozzledamus said...

you win