Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wacky News Stories

I knew there was a reason not to like Tiger! Egotistical maniac.

1. On a Mayor being asked to resign because he raised his voice to town employees.
"I'm sure this has nothing to do with bloated unions ..."

2. On a train steward refusing to sell a passenger an egg sandwich . . . because he might choke on it.
"What's next, not serving water because someone might drown?"

3. On prison guards unwittingly allowing a convicted drug dealer to grow cannabis in his cell, because he claimed it was a tomato plant ... and even allowing him decorate one 4ft plant as a Christmas tree.
"Schultz from Hogan's Heroes thinks these guards are dumb."

4. On a man having a heart attack in hospital parking lot, and the hospital refusing to help unless his son calls 911 and pays for the ambulance trip.
"Sounds like this hospital is being run by John Street's brother."

5. On a University banning Nerf guns because they might be confused as real guns.
"Did they hire those prison guards from story #3?"


Four Dinners said...

"I'm sure this has nothing to do with bloated unions ..."

Now EXCUSE ME!....Bloated unions????

Over here we have 'proper' unions. We fight for the working man.

Why do you think I became a Deputy Convenor?

I had to. They couldn't fight for me as I don't do any work....;-)

Anonymous said...

this world seems chalk full of idiots some days, doesn't it?

sirgeb said...

Re: #4: Your punch line is hilarious, but I think only people from the Philly metro area will get that one. John Street was pretty bad, but I'm not sure he was US/worldwide notoriety bad, less so his brother.