Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sad Day on Sesame Street ...

Many of you probably know that I'm a fan of Sesame Street ... well, at least B.E. Sesame Street (before Elmo). You know, the Sesame Street in which Big Bird had a huge Mastodon friend that none of the adults could see, the one where Cookie Monster was so out of control, he would eat tables ... yeah, that's my kind of Sesame Street! I remember crying when Mr. Hooper died.

Speaking of death on Sesame Street - another adult character from the show has passed. , who played Olivia on the show (as well as Olivia on 227)died last week. Alaina Reed-Amini.

Olivia was Gordon's sister, and although she wasn't as prominent on the show as Gordon, Bob, Luis, and the others. But, she added spunk to the show. And even though she ended up leaving the show when she got a part on 227, she was still "Sesame Street for Life."


Nozzledamus said...

yeah cancer sucks

Four Dinners said...

I remember her well. Sesame Street was more of a 'cult' in the UK as it was very American but it was well loved by many adults and kids over here. Still is.

RIP. She helped bring a lot of fun to a lot of people - and the kids even learnt a bit from it.

Nozzle is right. Cancer indeed sucks.

Happy New Year old bean to you and yours.

4D x

Lisa said...

The old Sesame Street was the shit. I loved it and still have my vinyl autographed album signed by the people on the show. Good post, albeit sad.

sirgeb said...

She and the rest of the cast of 227 voted our DBT as the best one occuring on the day it took place.

She will be missed.